Comic Art


Our courses give you access to recorded instruction from working industry professionals – learn what you need at your own pace! Our instructors all have proven track records for excellence and great interest and aptitude for teaching.

Comics Writing: Story Foundations & Development

Instructors: Andy Schmidt and Paul Allor

Your story starts here! Learn how to methodically build a story from the ground up, narrative structure, character building, and much more.

Comics Writing: Writing for a Visual Medium

Instructors: Andy Schmidt and Paul Allor

In the Foundations course, you learned how to build a story. In this course, you’ll learn how to develop any story for a visual medium. What is it about comics specifically, that’s going to effect how you tell your story? How do you script so that your artist will get the most out of your script–or just as importantly, that you don’t tie one of your artist’s drawing hands behind their back.

Comics Writing: Finishing a Script and Next Steps

Instructors: Andy Schmidt and Paul Allor

The most overlooked part of creative writing education is rewriting and what to do after your finished! Here, we’ve dedicated a course to reviewing your work, how to attack a rewrite to make sure that your work improves. Doing so without destroying the good work you’ve already done, and using a scalpel instead of a sledgehammer.

Introduction to Comic Book Writing Bundle

Instructors: Andy Schmidt and Paul Allor

If you’ve ever dreamt of writing your own comic or wanted to improve your existing skills – this class bundle is for you.

Coloring: Tools, Art Preparation and Flatting

Instructor: Chris Sotomayor

In our earliest coloring course, you’ll learn what tools are needed to color comics, how to use them for that purpose, what your art should look like and how to prep it for coloring.

Coloring: Color Theory and Application to Comics

Instructor: Chris Sotomayor

In this course, you’ll learn not just what color theory is, but how it applies to comics specifically. Comics are rarely just one illustration or image, they are comprised of multiple images on a page, that all have to have balance within themselves and with all the other images. 

Coloring: Lighting & Rendering

Instructor: Chris Sotomayor

One of the most important aspects of comics coloring today is paying attention to and establishing light sources. That also means understanding how they affect the true color of objects and figures. Master color artist Chris Sotomayor has been rendering comics since the 1990s and was one of the pioneers in digital coloring. Now he’s going to teach you the best techniques in the book–a book that he wrote, by the way.

Coloring: Special Effects

Instructor: Chris Sotomayor

In this special micro-course, Chris Sotomayor teaches how to add on special effects to your colored pages. Special effects aren’t always necessary, but when you need one, or have the right place for one, they can really help a piece pop and sell the the page.

Introduction to Comic Book Coloring Bundle

Instructor: Chris Sotomayor

Learn how to color comics from a pro! This bundle contains a discounted price for the first three courses in our series to teach you how to color comics from the ground up! PLUS, you get the bonus course on Special Effects FOR FREE!

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