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You’ve got a comic you’re ready to make into a reality. But… making comics is hard and time-consuming work. Editing and revising a script is hard work. Finding collaborators is hard and time-consuming work. Negotiating contracts is hard (and often expensive) work. Managing a creative team is hard work.

Allow us to leverage our connections, resources, and expertise and guide your project to completion. It’s the smoothest way to get from a script to a comic in your hands!

Learn more about the Creative Services we offer below.

Comic Book Art Services
Penciled and inked full comic book (sequential art) pages by a professional level comics artist. Artwork colored by a professional comics color artist. The word balloons, captions, and sound effects added by a professional comic book letterer. Editorial and project management services by one of our professional comics editors. Limited legal paperwork to ensure that all copyrights are transferred to the client. Print-Ready files delivered to client in the end.
Comics Script Writing
You provide the idea and some direction, we provide a few springboards to choose from. Once decided, we provide a standard outline or summary. Once approved, we create the professional comics script by a professional comics writer. One industry standard revision included. Additional revision will incur further costs.
Cover Art Services
Several artist choices. Three very rouch sketches for compositional choices. Penciled art, Inked and colored. Legal services to pass copyright to the client. Final file delivery at print ready sizing and file type.
Logo Design
Choose from several logo design packages.
Editorial & Project Management
You bring the artists and other creators to the table. Upon approval from the editor, services include scheduling, minor script review to ensure it’s ready to go to a professional artist. Art review for storytelling and layout design, color art review, lettering management and review. Consultation with client to explain the process and what is industry standards are so as not to bump up against them, overseeing of production work with letter or production artist or designer to ensure that files are in print ready form.
Graphic Novel or Collected Edition Design
You bring all the final files for art and lettering, and we’ll get your book ready for print, including title and credits pages, cover and back cover set ups, so that you get a file ready to go to print!
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