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Our Comics Experience Community is the nexus between your hobby, your passion, and becoming a professional. We enjoy talking about vast topics like sci-fi and fantasy, to manga, to movies, comics, TV shows and more!

We’re a supportive, inclusive group!

If you want to do professional level work, then we suggest upgrading your membership level to boost your skills with access to online events, lessons and Q&A sessions!

Community membership is just $4.99 per month. Our Discord Community consists of everyone from the comics curious to industry professionals fully immersed in comics, TV, and film. We actively moderate our Community discussions.

Community Pro members get the access to our Community on Discord, plus live and recorded lessons on the industry and craft of making comics, deep dive discussions and writings on major industry topics, the ability to ask questions of the pros and see their upcoming work when they care to share it. Pro members also receive discounts on Comics Experience courses and other offerings.

If you love comics and pop culture, we think you’ll love joining this thriving and safe community.

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  • Discord Community access
  • Peer Critiques on Art and Scripts

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  • Discord Community access
  • Pro Critiques on Art and Scripts
  • Live Q&A Sessions
  • Pro Office Hours
  • Lessons and Q&A Videos
  • The Business of Comic Book Publishing e-book
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  • Discord Community access
  • Pro Critiques on Art and Scripts
  • Live Q&A Sessions
  • Pro Office Hours
  • Lessons and Q&A Videos
  • The Business of Comic Book Publishing e-book
  • 10% site-wide discount
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Our Community holds the following core values:

  1. It is a place to learn, grow, thrive, and contribute.
  2. Comics are for everyone. We welcome diverse viewpoints, but we maintain an apolitical forum as much as possible.
  3. Feedback should be honest but tempered with kindness.
  4. Encouragement is key to thriving. We boost one another up.

If you’ve found other communities or platforms to be distasteful or even toxic, but you’re not ready to give up on the idea that community can be found on the Internet, then you’re in the right place and this is for you.

Our community is a safe space. We do not tolerate hate or bigotry. They will find no purchase here. What we are about is sharing our joys, questions, and aspirations with each other.

Our Discord (private to members only) are inclusive, moderated, and hosted by professionals and pro-members. In addition to interacting with comics creators and pros, you can also sit back and watch as industry veterans debate topics about the industry itself, comics creation or the business side of comics.

Sound too good to be true? Try it and find out!

  • Ability to access and use Discord (we recommend the app on your phone!)
  • Ability to stay true to the core values
  • Join in on the fun and learning!

John Luzar

So I just finished my very first comic. There were a hundred different things I had to do for the very first time. What’s really crazy is, thanks to the classes and community at Comics Experience, I’ve felt totally prepared every step of the way. It’s all there!

Dr. Moti Friedman

During my months in Comics Experience’s Community I received invaluable feedback from both professional comic book creators and talented new artists that has been essential in driving my growth as a comic book writer and artist. This online community is a great place to hone your craft in a supportive environment while meeting new friends who share your love for comic books and it is my pleasure to recommend it as such.

Luke Durdin

If you are an aspiring comic creator, Comics Experience is the place for you. You have entire courses taught by professionals on comic writing, comic art, comic production and so much more. You have access to a whole community that shares your interest in comics and wants to help your comic-making-dreams become a reality. The resources provided by Comics Experience are just too good to pass up.

Joshua Dahl

For the past few years I have been posting scripts for review on several of the major sites that do that sort of thing. On those sites I would rarely get any worthwhile result. The people here are serious about actually getting comics made. When someone here offers a criticism, I know that it is something I should consider. When they offer praise, I know they mean it. And as a result, I’ve learned a lot. Without a doubt, my writing has gotten better.

George O'Connor

The idea of making comics can be an intimidating experience. What Comics Experience does really well is bring you behind the curtain and give you the support to pursue the comics dream.

Luke Barnett

Being an Australian hasn’t put me in the middle of the world of comics, but Comics Experience has made that possible. Comics Experience is a creative community unlike any other. Build your skill as an author or artist, critique each other in a friendly, encouraging but open and honest manner, and learn all about the business of making comics. Wherever you are, joining Comics Experience will enable you to harness your talent and connect with people doing the same thing!

Chris Lewis

Living overseas, I always felt that I was one step removed from the comics community I wanted to be a part of. Until I found Comics Experience, that is. The Community has given me the opportunity to get feedback on all my comic-related questions and interact with some wonderful people, regardless of where we live.

Marta Tanrikulu

The Community is a way of getting valuable, constructive feedback on ideas and scripts, watching a lot of creative ideas get developed, exchanging information about various aspects of producing comics, and interacting with artists and writers from many different backgrounds. How wonderful that these opportunities are offered to people who live outside of New York and Los Angeles.

Elizabeth-Amber Love

I didn’t know what a comic script looked like until joining Comics Experience. Now I try to create ten short stories a year and having the support of this community is essential. I’m still intimidated by the amount of talent here, but it’s a welcoming place for people of all experience levels.

Joe Sergi

On the one hand, the community acts as learning tool. On the other hand, this community is a place for creators to provide support for each other. There are a lot of different paths and goals, but ultimately we want to succeed in comics.

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