Introduction to Comic Book Coloring Bundle


If you’ve ever dreamt of coloring comics, this class bundle is for you!

Learn how to color comics from a pro! This bundle contains a discounted price for the first three courses in our series to teach you how to color comics from the ground up! PLUS, you get the bonus course on Special Effects FOR FREE!

If you’re new to coloring comics, you can’t beat this bundle, it covers everything from all the tools you’ll need to color comics, to how to handle file prep, but most importantly, it gives you the basics on how to color comics like a professional does!

Three courses for one discounted price, PLUS the Special Effects course thrown in for FREE! Order it now!

We focus these classes on storytelling. The aspect of comics that is unlike most other forms of printed art is that it tells a story and believe it or not, the coloring of a comic has a lot to do with how the story is told.

  • You will learn from best-selling and highly respected colorist Chris Sotomayor (Avengers, X-Men, Supreme Power, Batman, Firestorm).
  • You’ll get Chris’s lessons and lectures and discussions!

Included in the Bundle:

Coloring: Tools, Art Preparation and Flatting

In our earliest coloring course, you’ll learn what tools are needed to color comics, how to use them for that purpose, what your art should look like and how to prep it for coloring.

Coloring: Color Theory and Application to Comics

In this course, you’ll learn not just what color theory is, but how it applies to comics specifically. Comics are rarely just one illustration or image, they are comprised of multiple images on a page, that all have to have balance within themselves and with all the other images. 

Coloring: Lighting & Rendering

One of the most important aspects of comics coloring today is paying attention to and establishing light sources. That also means understanding how they affect the true color of objects and figures. Master color artist Chris Sotomayor has been rendering comics since the 1990s and was one of the pioneers in digital coloring. Now he’s going to teach you the best techniques in the book–a book that he wrote, by the way.

Coloring: Special Effects

In this special micro-course, Chris Sotomayor teaches how to add on special effects to your colored pages. Special effects aren’t always necessary, but when you need one, or have the right place for one, they can really help a piece pop and sell the the page.

Chris Sotomayor has a reputation of being the fastest color artist in the business, and has been a mainstay at Marvel Comics since 1996. He’s proven himself time and again having worked on their top properties, including Spider-Man, X-Men, The Avengers, Daredevil, Captain America, Hulk, and many others, as well as working on titles for DC Comics, Image Comics and Humanoids. Past breakout works include Supreme Power/Squadron Supreme and Captain Marvel.

In addition to his own coloring work, Soto (as we lovingly call him) also owns and operates SotoColor, a coloring and comics studio in which he finds work for and develops the talents of literally dozens of working, top-ranked colorists in the industry. And he’s ready to apply those skills to helping YOU!

Featured Work

Superman/Hulk art

Storytelling is great, but what if I don’t know anything about color theory?

Our courses are geared for the beginner as well as the experienced artist. Chris will take you through all the “foundational elements” upon which great colorists build their careers. And that starts with color theory; understanding how colors relate to each other is monumentally important.

What if I don’t know Photoshop? Clip Studio?

Don’t worry! We cover everything you need to know for coloring comics quickly and in a friendly manner.

Who is Chris Sotomayor and why is he teaching my classes?

Chris has decades of experience under his belt and regularly works for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Boom! Studios, IDW Publishing and more. Chris learned from a generation of leading colorists and then began teaching the next generation himself. After mind-blowing runs on some of Marvel’s hottest titles like Supreme Power, Captain Marvel and then Avengers – Chris also started his own studio called Sotocolor where he has now trained yet another generation of colorists who work on dozens of comics every month from a multitude of publishers.

Like all of Comics Experience’s instructors, Chris is not just a top professional in his field; he’s also an accomplished teacher. Sotocolor has been leading the industry in coloring comics for several years, with every member of the Sotocolor team learning from Chris himself. Comics Experience is pleased to be able to pass that working knowledge on to you!

Besides listening to Chris prattle on and on, what do I actually do in these courses?
Every student is given a number of professional pages to color. These are pages illustrated for actual Marvel, DC or IDW comics. You’ll have professional scripts and line art to use and reference.
By the end of the courses, you’ll wind up with some portfolio pieces!

What do I do after the classes?

Once the course is over, you’ll have been taught how to approach comic pages and stories. It’s important that colorists learn to think on their feet (well, in their computer chairs, anyway).

You’ll be able to confidently approach black and white pages for coloring. The idea with all our courses is that you won’t need us once the course is over. You’ll be able to color on your own!

Do I need to know a whole lot about comics?

Absolutely not. All Introduction courses are designed for beginners and those seeking to improve their craft. One thing we pride ourselves on at Comics Experience is our ability to teach to any individual’s skill level.

We have an excellent track record with our students and it’s our top aim to keep it that way. New to comics? Come on in, we’d love to show you around! Old pro? Let’s sharpen those skills and learn a few new tools! Everyone’s welcome and the group learning will help everyone improve!

How do I sign up?

Click “Add to Cart” to register and you’ll get an email confirmation and instructions giving you everything you need to get started with the course.

If you want to color comics for fun or become a pro, your comics career starts here!

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