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Adam Davis – Freelance Writing Course

I’ve taken a lot of classes with Comics Experience and every single one has been invaluable. Every course I’ve taken has strengthened my knowledge in its respective field and helped me level-up my skills so that I can make better comics, produce better art and tell better stories. The FREELANCE WRITING course was no different.

Paul Allor did a fantastic job of guiding us through the jungle of freelance writing. With real examples and through his own experiences, Paul taught us the best practices for dealing with editors and licensors when doing work-for-hire and how to handle the difficulties of the job in a professional manner. Although tough, the limitations faced with the homework assignments gave us a true look at how freelance writing works and how we should strive to do the best work we can within those parameters.  

While now firmly aware of the challenges one can face with freelance writing, I also feel I’ve been given the knowledge and the tools to have a fighting chance in the comics industry as a freelance writer.

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