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Get more from your courses with our Pathways Program!

Pathways is the perfect combination of learning at your own pace and getting personalized feedback from your instructor.

Pathways courses are designed for you to get the absolute most out of every course you take. In addition to our course videos, you’ll also get exercises and homework throughout the lessons to help you internalize what you’re learning. The homework assignments stitch the courses together so that your instructor can provide ongoing, personal feedback as you build a project using the lessons as your guide!

Our Pathways courses take the digital courses and combine them into a seamless path, taken in sequence while adding exercises and assignments for you to build a project along with us. And the homework assignments are submitted to your instructor directly. The personalized feedback from your instructor is specifically about your work and acts as a kind of guardrails to your project as you build it from the ground up!

Pathways are coming soon!

Note: If you take our digital courses now, you’ll be eligible for an upgrade to the Pathways version when they go live!

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