Comic Art

Paul Payabyab-Cruz – Creative Services

The Creative Services at Comics Experience was both a great way to bring my comic to life and a learning experience that has empowered me. Andy Schmidt and Michelle Kasten’s open communication throughout the entire process taught me how to navigate a professional environment, while giving insight into the type of creatives I would work well with in the future. This was important because my comic they worked on, “Sober Starchild,” was the first one I had ever made. Previous to working with them, I only had a script (created in Andy’s Introduction to Comic Book Writing class) and no idea where to find artists to work with. Thankfully, the Creative Services network is vast and meticulously curated, so they knew exactly the direction to point me in. I could not be happier with the creative team they put together and how my comic turned out. I now feel more confident in finishing future projects and am inspired to keep writing. Thank you, Andy and Michelle! You both are Rock Stars and I’m looking forward to working with you again in the future.

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