Comic Art

Graphic Novel or Collected Edition Design

You bring all the final files for art and lettering, and we’ll get your book ready for print, including title and credits pages, cover and back cover set ups, so that you get a file ready to go to print!

Pricing may vary depending on specific needs, but starting rates are:

$100 – Front Cover Set Up (logo provided by client) – includes logo placement, Issue #, Price, creator credits (if you want all of those)

$100 – Inside Front Cover – Credits, indicia (legal info), story titles/table of contents in this case, artwork designed in.

$50 – any additional “filler” pages needed to complete the book. This would include us putting a pin-up in if you’ve got art, or designing our own pages. 

$200 – Each Page of more complicated extras like behind the scenes and text pages with content provided.

$5 – Each comic page with files provided, assuming no heavy lifting work (like fixing or cropping files – extra charges if extensive design work needs to be done.

$0 – place a CEX ad instead of a designed page (we have a trade paperbacks add that we can slot in fairly easily if you would rather not pay another $50 to fill something in with a design page.

Featured Work: Midnight Tiger

Featured Work: Achilles, Inc

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