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Yo Kuri – Art Courses with Phillip Sevy

Phillip Sevy is the rare combination of being a phenomenal professional comic book artist (check out his work on Triage!), a fantastic instructor and a great guy. He is a skilled and experienced teacher for any level of artist. Phillip is kind, humble and understanding, while being analytical, critical and demanding and committed to having every student in his class improve. Every student gets a ton of personalized instruction; Phillip gives deeply insightful feedback in every class and is very responsive to questions in between classes.

I absolutely LOVED Phillip’s classes at CE. I took 3 courses with him and saw dramatic improvements in my storytelling and page composition in a very short period of time. These classes saved me many years of effort; I levelled up much more quickly than I would have been able to on my own. I witnessed similar levels of development in other students that I shared classes with. He is a great teacher and you will definitely improve if you apply yourself.

This is a great value. You are learning everything that would be taught at a full-time sequential art program for a much lower price. The courses at CE fit well into any schedule, as they meet online, once a week, and at night. I am not a professional artist. I work over 60 hours a week in a demanding day job, yet I had no problem attending the weekday class meeting and completing the coursework on the weekend.

This review is not BS. I have never felt compelled to write a testimonial for anything. I feel very strongly that you will get a lot out of this class or any others that you might take at CE. This positive experience with CE was not limited to Phillip’s classes. I took 2 writing classes with Andy and Paul and 1 coloring class with Soto that were fantastic.

I think that anyone who likes to read comics should take Phillip’s or Andy’s intro classes. Even if you have no intention of being a professional artist or writer, your appreciation of the medium and the craft involved in creating pages (and your enjoyment of reading comics) will definitely increase by understanding the core principles of visual storytelling that they teach.

I highly recommend Phillip Sevy as an instructor and CE in general.

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