Comic Art

Paul Payabyab-Cruz – Intro to Writing

I’ve been telling everyone I could about how much this class was the best learning experience I’ve had. I’ve been jaded by the industry I work in because of how I’ve seen it treat people’s time and money, and I rarely see any heart on the business side of it. I’ve experienced the complete opposite with you all at Comics Experience. Throughout the whole class I felt like you took our investment of time and money seriously and poured your heart into everything you taught us. It’s really refreshing and inspiring to see that heart and passion can exist on the business end of an industry. Before taking my first course with Comic Experience I knew I wanted to write comic books, but I had no idea where to start and I was completely intimidated. From the start of the first class I gained confidence because the course is easily digestible, but challenging in all the right ways to creatively grow. By the end, I had a grasp of writing and the industry far beyond what I expected. The staff’s credentials speak for themselves, but what’s not listed in their bibliographies is their passion and love for teaching and the art form. This is a rare characteristic in any teaching environment and is why I’m going to continue taking courses with Comics Experience.

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