Comic Art

Matt Hoverman – Intro to Writing Course

I loved this class! Andy, an experienced Marvel Editor, showed us how to come up with a strong idea for a comic book script, and then — through the same step-by-step outlining process that real Marvel pro’s use — how to develop it from an outline into a fully realized, 5-page comic book script. He also clued us in on the best ways to get our scripts in front of top editors and publishers, and he trained us in the invaluable skill of pitching our ideas. His keen editorial eye and accessible, structured teaching style were greatly enhanced by his fascinating and often hilarious personal anecdotes about what really goes down in the Marvel bullpen. If one or two of the scripts in a twelve-student class were good, you could attribute it to the students’ talent. But if ALL the students’ scripts were great — and in our class, they all were — you gotta hand it to the teacher. If you want to write or draw professionally for comics, Andy Schmidt’s classes are a must!

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