Nicole Boose

Nicole Boose began her comics career as an assistant editor for Harris Comics’ Vampirella, before joining the editorial staff at Marvel Comics. There, she edited titles including Cable & DeadpoolInvincible Iron Man, and Stephen King’s Dark Tower adaptations. She also oversaw Marvel’s line of custom comic publications, developing projects for corporate and nonprofit clients like Target, OfficeMax, SAMHSA, and TeachersCount.

Since 2008, Nicole has worked as a freelance editor and consultant in the comics industry. She works regularly with writer Mark Millar, named one of Hollywood’s 5 Most Powerful Comics Writers, and has edited titles for his Millarworld line of creator-owned comics, including SuperiorSuper CrooksJupiter’s LegacyMPHStarlightThe Secret Service, and Chrononauts.

An active member of the Comics Experience community and staff, Nicole has also provided dozens of script critiques for Creators Workshop members, worked one-on-one with clients in the mentorship program, and currently manages the Comics Experience blog and newsletter.

Born in Philadelphia and a long-time New Yorker, Nicole now lives near Cleveland, Ohio with her husband, daughter and son. Follow her on Twitter at @NicoleBoose.

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