Erica Schultz

Erica Schultz is an American comic book writer, letterer, and editor who has worked in comics since 2008. She started in the industry as a digital artist and lip sync animator on the Astonishing X-Men motion comic “Gifted” from Marvel Comics. From there, she worked on comics production, background art, and ink and color assists for Neal Adams’ Continuity Studios on Batman: Odyssey, the re-release of Superman vs. Muhammad Ali, Harley’s Little Black Book, Batman Black and White, and The Coming of the Supermen for DC Comics, The New Avengers and The First X-Men  for Marvel Comics, and Neal Adams’ Blood for Dark Horse Comics.

While working with Neal Adams, Erica teamed up with artist Vicente Alcázar to create the award-winning creator-owned series M3, published by Vices Press. She was one of Gail Simone’s hand-picked writers to contribute to the Swords of Sorrow crossover series with Dynamite Entertainment in 2015, co-writing much of the event with G. Willow Wilson and writing several series solo. Erica lettered the entire 21-issue crossover series.

Following the release of Swords of Sorrow, Erica lettered the relaunch of Dynamite’s “trinity” characters, working on mini-series for Vampirella, Dejah Thoris, and Red Sonja. She also lettered books with comics legends Garth Ennis, Leah Moore and Alan Moore while also lettering for indy publishers to help give them a leg up in the industry.

Erica has written for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, Action Lab, ABC Television, as well as contributing to multiple anthologies including Image Comics’ Where We Live for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting and the 2016 Harvey-Award Nominated The 27 Club: A Comics Anthology published by Red Stylo Media and Action Lab Danger Zone. She also was editor on Bingo Love for Image Comics which is nominated for a 2019 GLAAD Award and a founding editor of RISE: Comics Against Bullying with Joey Esposito, Adam Pruett, and Kris White.

She was chosen by DC Comics to participate in their pilot program for what became their Talent Development Workshop and wrote a well received story for Hawkgirl with Sonny Liew. Erica is excited to bring her wealth of knowledge and skills to Comics Experience students and Workshop members.

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