Comic Art

Nicole Boose – Intro to Coloring Course

I decided to take the Comics Experience introductory coloring course not because I wanted to become a professional colorist, but to develop some new skills within the comic industry, and to better understand coloring from the perspective of an artist rather than solely as an editor. From instructor Chris Sotomayor’s guidance, I got what I was looking for and then some. Soto and Andy’s teaching style invited a sense of camaraderie within the class while also providing direct, helpful instruction that we could put to use starting with the very first session. I went from having zero practical experience with Photoshop to a much more fluent understanding, and gained a solid foundation in the art and science of coloring. My goal was to learn more about the technical aspects of color, improve my Photoshop vocabulary, and learn enough do a bit of professional flatting work. Thanks to this course, I’ve been fortunate enough to fulfill all those goals, and I’m continuing to learn. Thanks, Andy and Soto!

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