Kyle Higgins

Kyle Higgins is a #1 New York Times Best Selling writer, best known for his work on DC Comics’ BATMAN titles— including NIGHTWING, BATMAN BEYOND and GATES OF GOTHAM— as well as his critically-acclaimed reinvention of POWER RANGERS for Boom! Studios and Saban/Hasbro. After spending two years at the University of Iowa, Kyle transferred to Chapman University where he co-wrote and directed a superhero noir titled THE LEAGUE, about the 1960’s superhero labor union of Chicago. In addition to opening doors at Marvel Comics, the film served as a creative launch point for Kyle’s 2014 Image Comics series, C.O.W.L.

At present, Kyle is working on several new creator-owned series, as well as a feature adaptation of his Image Comics series, HADRIAN’S WALL, for himself to direct with Gunpowder & Sky producing.

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