Heather Antos

Heather Antos was born with secret aspirations to become the next James Bond. However since her lack of British heritage has pushed that dream aside she now spends her days as the girl who will never grow up.

Heather launched her meteoric rise in comics by creating several Kickstarter Projects that were easily funded and became an expert on the platform giving talks at conventions nation wide and has been invited to talk at Kickstarter! Headquarters to help their staff better service comics projects on their platforms.

Having worked as an Editor at Marvel, primarily on the Star Wars and Deadpool lines, as well as being one of the creators of breakout character Gwenpool, she spends her days as a freelance comics editor and story consultant on titles like Redlands and Injection for Image.

Heather is currently an editor at Valiant Entertainment and active member of the comics community. Comics Experience welcomes her to her first Comics Experience course!

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