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Charlie Stickney is a Writer/Producer/ Publisher who co-created the comic book series White Ash, Glarien, The Game,The Adept and How I Slept My Way Through College and Other Tales from Freshman Year. Recently Charlie launched White Ash Comics Publishing to further expand the White Ash Universe and to help creators augment their branding and presence on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter. Before that, Charlie served for several years as Co-Publisher of Scout Comics. Charlie is also twenty-five year veteran of the non-comic Entertainment Industry. Charlie produced the award-winning documentary The Entertainers and helped create the animated series Horrible Histories and Cosmic Quantum Ray. Charlie has produced content for companies including: Sony Pictures, ITV, Universal Pictures, Revolution Studios, and Scholastic Productions. Currently Charlie is developing and executive producing a TV series version of White Ash with Storymill Entertainment.

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