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Road to Avengers: Infinity War – Part 2 – Captain America: Civil War

With the biggest Marvel film to date opening this week, our team decided to tackle the most important elements going into Avengers: Infinity War! In part 2, James, Skid and Andy discuss “Captain America: Civil War,” its source material in the comics, and its possible role as it relates to Avengers: Infinity War! In this episode, they discuss the following questions:

  1. In the seven issue miniseries “Civil War,” the inciting incident is an explosion that killed children at a school because of the inexperience and negligence of young super heroes starring in a reality T.V. show. However, in the film, it is the culmination of continued human collateral damage sustained in battles between the Avengers and their adversaries in New York City (AVENGERS), Washington D.C. (CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER), Sokovia (AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON), and Nigeria (CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR) that leads to the U.S. government’s super-hero registration act. Is there a storytelling advantage to having the inciting incident be a culmination of events over several films leading to CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR?
  2. In the comic series, the argument is over registration. Like, licensing someone to use their powers. In the film, Captain America frames it differently, because it’s about their freedom of choice. In the series, Tony Stark essentially becomes a villain, while Cap becomes a hero. Does this work in the comics? Does it work differently or more or less effectively in the film itself?
  3. Marvel Studios made a deal with Sony to include Spider-Man in CAPTAIN AMERICAN: CIVIL WAR. Is Spider-Man’s presence in the film necessary to tell the story, or was it Marvel Studios sole purpose to introduce the character in order to setup SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING?
  4. The film establishes Captain America as the protagonist of the film. However, it is Tony Stark/Iron Man that has the greatest emotional arc. After seeing the film, there were people who considered themselves “Team Captain America” and others “Team Iron Man.” Does the confusion on which Avenger is the protagonist help or hurt the film?
  5. From a character stand point, it seems that the Marvel Cinematic Universe may have switched its lead character. In the beginning, it was Iron Man, and that’s clearly the case through the first AVENGERS film. But by the end of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, it appears that Captain America has taken center stage in the MCU. Did you agree or no, and if you do, how or when do you think this happened?

BONUS QUESTION: What are your thoughts, hopes, and/or predictions going into AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR?

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