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Avengers: Infinity War

It’s finally here, the wait is over, and the opening weekend was massive. It’s the biggest Marvel film to date and Avengers: Infinity War is showing no signs of slowing down! James, Skid and Andy discuss the film and it’s source material “Thanos Quest,” “The Infinity Gauntlet,” and “Thanos Rising” and how this film compares to “event comics” of the 80s and today.

Our questions tackled are:

  1. Thanos has more humanity in the film than in the comics, does this work to the audiences favor?
  2. The film has many character moments but few character arcs. In that respect, is it similar to the source material or different?
  3. The film does a balancing act between a host of characters. Does it lose focus or does it stay on target?
  4. Who is the main character of this film? Who was the main character of the comic THE INFINITY GAUNTLET?

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